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Bird Candy Mini - TOYS / NATURAL

Bird Candy Mini

Another cute, cute toy from Planet Pleasures for the little bird in your home! 5" x 2", this toy is much like the octopus pinatas....just smaller. . details ...

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Bird Brush Mini - TOYS / NATURAL

Bird Brush Mini

This adorable little palm leaf toy is perfect for the smallest chewers, cockatiels, budgies, finches will all love it details ...

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Colored Pinatas - TOYS / NATURAL

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Colored Pinatas

The crunchy, hand woven palm leaf outer layer hides a variety of natural fibers all tied to a central rope. It's jam packed with palm tree twists, shredders and Abacca fibers. Sizes Budgie to Macaw.. details ...

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Octopus Pinatas - TOYS / NATURAL

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Octopus Pinatas

Great, colorful palm leaves woven basket style around lots and lots of chewy palm frond legs. These legs will tantalize even the most finicky parrot to tear them off first! Three sizes, one is perfect for your bird. .details ...

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ShredX - two sizes - TOYS / NATURAL

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ShredX - two sizes

Tantalizing tongue textures for your medium to large bird. FDA approved safe corrugated paperboard, wooden strips all hung on vegetable tanned leather. Stuff some nuts or other treats in the slots for some foraging fun. .details ...

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Shredders - Natural - TOYS / NATURAL

Shredders - Natural

A 1" x 30' roll of woven palm leaves (natural color) to entertain any chewer. Weave through cage bars, make knots, even hang the whole box. Great toys for all size birds, Cockatiels to Macaws. Straight edged. .details ...

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Rainbow Shredders - TOYS / NATURAL

Rainbow Shredders

Now the original palm leaf shredders come in color! 1" x 30' of fun in a box, unroll or hang as is. Only rainbow shreds will be left after your bird is finished!.details ...

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Jumbo Rainbow Shredders - TOYS / NATURAL

Jumbo Rainbow Shredders

Now there are super-sized shredders! 2" wide x 30" long fun in a box. Excellent for the bigger beaks! .details ...

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Natural Chews - TOYS / NATURAL

Natural Chews

Woven willow, bark and twigs make up this six-pack of natural foot toys. They are approximately 3" long each, and would be a great addition to your birds' toy box. Pack of 6 pieces. .details ...

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RPE Pigtails

6" vine rods knotted curly cue style hanging from vegetable tanned leather. Simple, lightweight, natural....what could be better? .details ...

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RPE Firecrackers - TOYS / NATURAL

RPE Firecrackers

Foot toys for the bigger birds -- vegetable tanned leather holding two wooden stars onto a 6" vine curly cue rod. Lightweight chewing fun. Pack of 2. .details ...

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Nature Cluster - TOYS / NATURAL

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Nature Cluster

Hung from a coconut shell top, four legs of chewing fun contain interesting shapes and materials, such as oyster shells, bamboo, buttlebone, palm bark and coconut husk leather. The small is good for Senegals and Eclectus, the medium would be perfect for an Amazon, the large is for the big chewers at o ...

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