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The Ultimate Tongue Toy -- trying to remove the sliding bead inside a PVC housing is guaranteed to challenge the tongue and patience of any parrot. .details ...

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RPE Tiny T.U.T.T.

The Ultimate Tongue Toy for the smaller bird. Same fun and tough construction as our original toy. Your bird will love it, guaranteed. .details ...

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RPE Talon Toys - TOYS / FOOT

RPE Talon Toys

Foot held toys suitable for the smaller birds, babies, or larger non-destructive birds. Challenge the toes and tongue with various shapes and sizes. Pack of 4. .details ...

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RPE Bs Blocks - TOYS / FOOT

RPE Bs Blocks

Soft pine blocks with wooden dowels or sisal rope to hold and destroy. Good for medium to large size birds. A pack of 4. .details ...

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RPE Firecrackers - TOYS / FOOT

RPE Firecrackers

Foot toys for the bigger birds -- vegetable tanned leather holding two wooden stars onto a 6" vine curly cue rod. Lightweight chewing fun. Pack of 2. .details ...

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Natural Chews - TOYS / FOOT

Natural Chews

Woven willow, bark and twigs make up this six-pack of natural foot toys. They are approximately 3" long each, and would be a great addition to your birds' toy box. Pack of 6 pieces. .details ...

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RPE Parrot Pics - TOYS / FOOT

RPE Parrot Pics

Tightly wrapped colorful paper sticks ready to unwrap. Let your bird make colorful confetti out of these 5" long sticks. Keep beaks occupied for hours with this great value. A pack of 12. .details ...

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RPE Almond Joybites - TOYS / FOOT

RPE Almond Joybites

Now in foot toy size! These 2" blocks are stuffed with our wholesome almonds. Pack of 8. .details ...

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RPE Almond Joysticks - TOYS / FOOT

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RPE Almond Joysticks

Foot held or hang, soft pine contains almonds to be chewed out. Pack of 3 large 6" or 4 small 4", each comes with a reusable hanger..details ...

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